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Back-to-School Shopping

Back-to-School Drawstring Backpacks at Cafepress!
* Check out the variety of backpacks for High School Students by #Gravityx9 at #Cafepress ~ Several styles, colors and designs to choose from!

For more backpacks, check out this board at Pinterest!

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Kokopelli Bags

Sunset Riders Weekender and Tote Bags at Fine Art America!
~ Keep your belongings in one of these unique bags. An illustration of the Kokopelli family, out for a bike ride. This design is also available on wall art, posters, home decor, phone cases and more. Click below for more information and products.

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Back-To-School Supplies

Dry Erase Boards for Back-To-School at Zazzle!
* Dry Erase Boards Variety by #Gravityx9 at #Zazzle * These Dry Erase Boards are available in several sizes and shapes, and choice of adhesive backing. *
Click below to see the full line of dry erase boards!

Custom Car Floor Mats to Customize at Zazzle!

*Is it Time for a new car floor mat? Check out this Flying Bats and a Full Moon Car Mat at Zazzle. You can purchase as a set, or order just one set for the front or back. Several more to choose from,click below for more information.

Gamblers Delight - Las Vegas Icons Background Car Floor Mat Faux Wooden Floor Slats Car Mat
Pirate Skull & Sword Crossbones (TLAPD) Car Mat Black and Red Checkerboard Pattern Car Mat
Woodland Camouflage Military Background Car Mat Black and Orange Checkerboard Pattern Car Mat
Paint Splatter Car Mat Red Race Car with Checkered Flag Car Mat

For more automotive supplies and accessories, check out this board at Pinterest!


Sports Bottles * Back-To-School Sports / Water Bottles at Zazzle!

There could be something for everyone! A large selection of designs for sports bottles / water bottles for back-to-school, office or home use. Customize with name or text message. Click below to see the full line of designs!

USA Motorcross Rider Water Bottle Football Tearing Out Water Bottle Silhouette Slam Dunk Basketball Player Aluminum Water Bottle I Love Baseball - Ball, Bat, Baseball Glove Water Bottle All-American BMX Rider Water Bottle All American Weightlifter - Powerlifting Stainless Steel Water Bottle Male Tennis Player - Tennis Symbol (on Black) Water Bottle Vintage Boxing Gloves and Helmet Water Bottle Baseball Mitt and Ball Aluminum Water Bottle Tennis Ball and Rackets Stainless Steel Water Bottle Skull and Lacrosse Sticks Water Bottle Soccer Ball and Shoe Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Fun Summer Caps * Whimsical, fun and colorful Hats and Caps at Artsadd!

* Summer Time is Sunshine Time! Stay cool, keep the sun out of your eyes and look cool! Perfect for teens and adults! Suitable for casual, hip-hop, sports, summer beach activities. Click through to see the full line of colorful hats and caps.

For more hats and caps, check out this Pinterest Board:


USB Flash Drives * Check out the Variety of Flash Drives at Zazzle!

USB Flash Drives for Back-to-school, home or office use. Many have ~ colors to choose from, two speeds and your choice of 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB capacity! Click below for more information.

Attention Triangle Symbol Wood USB Flash Drive Slam Dunk Basketball Player w/Hoop on Ball Wood USB Flash Drive
Skull and Lacrosse Sticks Flash Drive Add a Photo USB Flash Drive
Baseball Mitt and Ball Wood USB Flash Drive Vintage Boxing Gloves and Helmet Wood USB Flash Drive
Slam Dunk Basketball Player on Basketball Flash Drive Billiard Balls and Pool Cues USB Flash Drive
Canadian Soccer Ball Wood USB Flash Drive Bright Idea Light Bulb Wood USB Flash Drive
Pirate Ship on the High Seas USB Flash Drive Mexico Soccer Ball Flash Drive

Black Grunge Style on Yellow iPhone Cases & Electronic Care at Redbubble!

* A little bit Gothic * Black Grunge on Yellow iPhone Cases & Electronic Care. Protect your phone cases and electronic devices with custom design. Click below to see the full line of products, including home decor, tee shirts and fashion!

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Address and Shipping Labels * Check out the variety of Address and Shipping Labels at Zazzle!

Labels are available in three size options. Add your text, address, name or other information. You can add a photo, too! Great for addressing letters and packages, or for back-to-school labeling of school supplies, too! Click below for more variety, designs and information.

Here are a few of the most popular labels by Gravityx9 Designs